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asked Jul 17, 2023 in Tuition and Fundraising by bismark
When sending to mobile recipients from the system using "send SMS", it seems one can only send text, not an image. Is it possible to enable sending MMS with pictures in the system?


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answered Jul 17, 2023 by Admin
You can always change the extension in administration by the Cell EMail option.
commented Jul 17, 2023 by bismark
My question relates to the "send SMS" option, not to the Cell EMail option. (I did ask that in a separate request but it would seem to switch between SMS and MMS one would then need to update the carriers for the phones before sending. I am under the impression that some phones and plans can't receive MMS at all and so we can't leave that setting on always).
commented Jul 17, 2023 by bismark
I see I am wrong. It does it on the fly when you click send SMS/Email.

There is still the issue that this makes it an administration function and not something a fundraiser can do. A toggle there would be helpful.

This also doesn't address the original question: if we want to "send SMS" instead of SMTP.....
answered Jul 17, 2023 by Admin
We currently do not support mms with the paid option. Maybe if there will be a demand for it, it will make sense to develop.

As for as I see, most people use email to send pictures and stuff. Or a link in a sms.

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