missing immunization includes vaccines that students cannot get yet

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asked Aug 13, 2023 in Tuition by BYBZ
Looking for a way to query students that are missing immunizations as of a certain date, but should not include / count a vaccine that the student cannot get yet (has a date near that red x). This is especially important before the School year starts if we want to send a list to parents of what vaccines their child needs to get by the 1st day of yeshiva, or if we don't want to send admission cards or any such type of campaign before a voucher's inspection to identify issues. There should be a way to only include the children that can even give a vaccine, there is no point in following up with parents for shots before their child can even be vaccinated to be counted.

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answered Aug 15, 2023 by YakovKantor
selected Aug 15, 2023 by YakovKantor
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As of (08/15/23) you can search for these students in the query tab.

Put in the date, this will make that if the student has a date that they cannot take the shot before they would be considered completed.
The same with the non-complete query, putting in a date would consider them completed if they cant take the shot before that date.

Note: The will only work for student reports not on parent reports. 

commented Aug 15, 2023 by BYBZ
Thank you!!!
commented Aug 17, 2023 by C.H.S.
Great feature thanks for adding so fast.
commented Aug 21, 2023 by Cgoldman

Do I need to updated my tuition program in order to have this option?

commented Oct 23, 2023 by Miriam Spitzer
Is there a way to have this query work for parent reports / parent sms and email?

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