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asked Aug 22, 2023 in Support Questions by Bobov-45
Many websites, when accessed from the JL Software, open in Internet Explorer by default/design, since Microsoft is ending support and usage of IE, when does JL have in plan to replace the default browser?
commented Aug 22, 2023 by Admin
Which websites are you referring too? In which cases?
commented Aug 22, 2023 by Bobov-45


            General Info Tab

                                Lookup Button

White Pages/Google Street/Google Mpa/NYC  Deed – all open in Chrome

Zip Lookup Button – Opens in IE


            Children Tab

Medical Form Button

View CIR Form/CIR View Main Page – Opens in IE

Direct Cert – Opens in IE

Import NYSIS – Opens in Chrome

commented Aug 23, 2023 by leah
Ie 11 has already ended support in June.

1 Answer

answered Aug 23, 2023 by Admin
Updated all to use Edge or Chrome.
commented Aug 24, 2023 by leah
So then it works based on the default browser of the machine? And if some people are using IE still will it work or need to change those?

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