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asked Aug 23, 2023 in New Feature Requests by Bobov-45
Can a checkbox be added in the user grid to mark them as inactive, so that

1. They may not access the program with their credentials.

2. The inactive users can be toggled between shown & hidden with the click of a checkbox on the user rights tab.
commented Aug 24, 2023 by Bobov-45
Inactive users should also not appear in the dropdown on the login page.
commented Aug 24, 2023 by Bobov-45
Any comments? I have over 100 Users, & I need to make heads & tails of them.
commented Aug 24, 2023 by yczehn

why don't you just delete them?

once deleted they can't log in again

commented Aug 24, 2023 by Bobov-45

A couple of reasons I can this of right now.

1. Transaction History - When viewing transaction in the future, and I want to see who Created/Editied/Deleted that transaction, The User Name is my KEY, if i'm keeping a dept. reference or anything else in the Users TAble, once deleted it is lost for ever, if only hidden, it can be retrived.

2. It after deleting a user, I try to create a user with the same name, I Deleted YCZehn on 1/1/2020 and hired a new staffmember on 9/1/2023 her name is YCZehn, Naturually I would create that as the user name, now A, will permissions bleed over from the original user to the new user? B. If i have permissions/restrictions built into reports, who will clean those out for me? if a record is Created/Editied/Deleted by the original user, I don't want to take the new user to task about it etc....

commented Aug 24, 2023 by Bobov-45

When an employee leaves our school, we don't take the HR folder (SSN, W4 Etc.), and throw it into the garbage, we take it and move it to the inactive employees' folder, we may discard the folder (securely) many years later, but definitely not immediately.

commented Oct 23, 2023 by Bobov-45
Any response to the points I raised on this subject?
commented Dec 3, 2023 by Pupa Camp
This would be very helpful

We have a user that is only active for our dept. a few month so we don’t want he should have excess at other times


1 Answer

answered Jun 6 by Bobov-45
Bumping this up again. I see that it has 6 positive votes obviously it is affecting other users as well!

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