When making deposit it should be to selct by payment date, not check date

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asked Aug 24, 2023 in New Feature Requests by Mrs. Herskowitz
When wanting to select payments for a deposit , I want it to go by payment date, not check date.
commented Aug 24, 2023 by Mrs. Herskowitz
let me explain, we send our payment records to HE\M, and they require us to send over the check date even though we got it two weeks after the check date, so when we create a deposit it will go back in time and those past dated checks will not show up in the current date range.

however with post dated checks we do want to go by check date.
commented Aug 24, 2023 by yczehn
in that case you can just put in by the filter an end date and all past not deposited payments will show up in the deposit screen.

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