Bus change for a particular day recurring weekly

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asked Sep 26 in New Feature Requests by SBabad
recategorized Sep 26 by SBabad
If we have a girl/boy going twice a week to therapy, or on a diff. bus on friday- we need the bus change to show on the bus change report that day. Maybe you can add an option of selecting  days of the week in addition to the date.
commented Sep 27 by transportation
It would be very helpful for us as well, as this occurs as often or more often than regular daily bus changes.  Thank you!
commented Oct 12 by Yeshiva Imrei Chaim
This comes up very often, and it would make things much simpler.

There  should be an option such just like by the cc charges - you should be able to select weekly
commented Oct 16 by Pinkus
We can use this feature as well.

1 Answer

answered Nov 6 by Admin
Added. You can now choose on a bus change for which day of the week it is. Please email Support@JLSSolutions.com after you update, that we should update your GPS Driver APP to reflect this new change.

Also for any changes on the reports please email Support@JLSSolutions.com.
commented Nov 6 by SBabad
Thank You so much!! This is going to make everything much easier!! All the reports look very clear...
commented Nov 6 by Yeshiva Imrei Chaim
thank you so much
commented Nov 7 by Pinkus
Thanks for adding.

Would it be possible to add the day of the week to the individual account as well? It would make a big difference for us.

commented Nov 7 by Admin
commented Nov 7 by Pinkus
Great, Thank you so much.

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