Is it possible to add a refresh button?

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asked Oct 18 in New Feature Requests by Eisen
It's a bit annoying to have to log out and back in to see some changes processed when dealing with tuition collection. Is there a way to add a refresh button that automatically updates the program without logging in again? Thank you.
commented Oct 23 by Mimi Horowitz
same is true for changes to student records, schedules etc. this would be helpful.
commented Oct 23 by YakovKantor
Can you give a real example of what you are referring to? What exactly is not refreshing?

1 Answer

answered Oct 18 by Admin
Please explain in detail for what change do you need to log out. Usually only changes made to setting in administration will require you to logout.
commented Oct 18 by Eisen
Many times when we update amounts for tuition prices the amount doesn't get updated unless we log out and then back in
commented Oct 18 by Admin
Makes no sense. Please contact support.
commented Oct 24 by Eluzer collection
i have the same thing when i add a pledge type, for example i added עוזר דלים to my aliyos types so i needed to log out and log in again to see my changes
commented Oct 24 by Admin
Correct. Like we wrote above, alot of new setting in administration would require you to logout in order to load the new item or setting in the drop down in most cases. This is by design. Above was referring to charges and payments not reflecting which is something that should not happen. So if you have that please call in to support.
commented Oct 25 by Eisen
For example, I applied a credit card to an account, and the balance was still the same prior to adding the payment. In order for me to see what the total outstanding balance would be now on their account, I logged out and then back in. Sometimes it does get adjusted automatically, but many times not. It occurs with checks probably more then with credit cards. A refresh button would be helpful in the event that it does not.
commented Oct 25 by Admin
I will repeat. Do call in when this happens as we cannot see it on our end. Reposting here will not help.

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