Can you make the student attachments (Scanning Documents Students) dropdown list sortable by ValueNum?

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asked Oct 23 in New Feature by Mrs. Cohen
This was already done for the Student Additional Info, and it would be a big help for us if it can be done for the scanning documents as well. This would help us be able to choose from the attachment dropdown more easily, since the things we use more often would be on top.

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answered Oct 24 by Admin
commented Oct 24 by Mrs. Cohen
Thank you for the quick response, but I don't see that anything changed. Even after I gave each item in the list a number by ValueNum, the list is still coming up in alphabetical order and not in the order of the numbers.
commented Oct 24 by YakovKantor
Did you update the program?
commented Oct 24 by Mrs. Cohen
Yes, I updated the program and it's still not working. I just spoke to Tech 9 and he confirmed this.

Thank you!
commented Oct 24 by Admin
Try updating again.
commented Oct 25 by Mrs. Cohen
Thank you so much! It's working and it's so useful!

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