User rights to merge accounts

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asked Oct 24 in New Feature Requests by mdgoodman
Currently, only a user with Admin rights can merge accounts. Can that be adjusted so that any user can be given that right?

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answered Nov 20 by Admin
selected 1 day ago by mdgoodman
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Added. (Version after 11/20/2023). There is a new user rights called Merging Accounts.
commented Nov 21 by mdgoodman
Where can I find that new right in the list?
commented Nov 21 by YakovKantor
Did you update to the latest's version?
commented Nov 22 by bismark
Thank you!
commented Nov 22 by mdgoodman
I always update when asked. Please tell me where to find this right so I can make sure to give it to my employees who need it. Perhaps a screen shot would help me.
commented Nov 22 by YakovKantor

Here you go:


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