Can inactive campaigns show as inactive (with slash at beginning of campaign name) in Query?

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asked Oct 24 in Fundraising by Sori
When making a campaign "not active" - it adds a slash to the campaign name so when adding a donation the inactive campaigns go to the bottom of the dropdown.  Can this slash be shown in a query when choosing a campaign by charges and payments?

1 Answer

answered Oct 25 by Admin
Added slash before the campaign by these 2 places.
commented Oct 25 by Sori
I don't see it by my queries. I only see it when I enter a donation.
commented Oct 25 by Admin
commented Oct 25 by Sori
Nope.  Still not working.
commented Oct 25 by Admin
Did you update the software to today's version. If yes call in to support and show them your issue.

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