Running Tuition and Fundraising over a VPN

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asked Nov 3 in Support Questions by ezmsp_support
I want to migrate the main Tuition and Fundraiser Server offsite to a datacenter; This way, the client I support does not need to purchase new hardware. I would like to see if this is a supported scenario for this app and if it isn't, what alternatives do we have regarding setup.

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answered Nov 3 by Admin


The following options are available.



Use VPN for remote app and host from anywhere.

Take our cloud option where we provide you with the system from anywhere.

Purchase a special refurbished server from us that has everything already setup and you just need to plug it in.

For up to 3 users we can send a specialized JLS Device that has everything setup and ready to roll.

For any of the above, or any other questions contact our sales team directly @ 

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