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asked Nov 20 in Reports by Typer
When we downloaded immunizations from nysis we noticed a few students got a new Nysis Id number or for some reason they cant find that student.

Usually we get a message 'no new records added', for someone with a new id we get a message 'error loading student'

Is it possible to get a report for all students that weren’t found, or had an error loading message so we can fix it
commented Nov 20 by Admin
Please contact support with student numbers so we can check what the issue is.  (Students shouldn't be getting new NYSIS id's)
commented Nov 21 by Typer
Its not giving me a new ID.

The issue is when I’m done running a mass immunization import, I can’t know which students were not found at all or because his nysis number doesn’t match.

It would be very helpful to have a report to know which of the students JL didn’t find\match.


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answered 4 days ago by Admin
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This has already been corrected. If there is an error by loading, it will ignore the NYSIS ID we have on file.

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