Link payments to refunded payments

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asked Jun 14, 2016 in Tuition by BYBZ
Can you link a refund payment to the applied payment, just like we can view the charges that a payment is applied to?


It’s very frustrating on an account that has a few over payments and a few refunds or transfers, to figure out which payment was refunded by which return, especially when there are partial credits applied.


Thank you.
commented Jun 14, 2016 by Admin
When you click on re apply it will show you to which payment it applies too.
commented Jun 16, 2016 by BYBZ
That's very cumbersome when reviewing an account and need to review all transactions

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answered Jul 10, 2016 by Admin
selected Sep 27, 2016 by Admin
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It will now show on the bottom of the refund all payments that this refunded.
commented Jul 10, 2016 by BYBZ

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