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asked Apr 11, 2019 in Tuition and Fundraising by Nlink
recategorized Aug 8, 2019 by Nlink
Can you add the city and state to the search results grid in the search tab? It would also be helpful to have the city and state on the top of the screen with the address in each account so that it can be seen in all tabs when working in an account.
commented Aug 13, 2019 by sbender

city and state is most important!

when I look for a name from a certain town (i. e. Bernstein from 5 towns) and i have no other info to identify him, this is critical to finding the right one.

otherwise i need to go into each one manually...

commented Aug 14, 2019 by seb
isn't it better to have the city and state in separate columns? for sorting and filtering purposes?

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answered Aug 14, 2019 by Admin
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commented Aug 14, 2019 by Nlink
Thank you for adding it - it is very helpful! Can you add it to fundraising as well? Also, I agree with "seb" that it would be helpful to have it as a seperate field for sorting and filtering. It would also be helpful to have the city with the address in the drop down of the shortcut search bar on top of the screen.
commented Aug 15, 2019 by Admin
It's in fundraising too. Each separate field increases the time that the search loads. For filtering use the address search on the bottom.

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