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asked Jul 16, 2019 in Fundraising by Nlink
Can you add an option to run address correction and duplicates based on the default address? There are many accounts that come up as duplicates because of a business address and they are not really duplicates.
commented Aug 15, 2022 by zecheryochanan
is there a way to use the address correction search that it should only search by the default address?

thank you
commented Aug 16, 2022 by Admin
Yes. You can make a query.
commented Aug 26, 2022 by Ari
In order to query just default addresses:

1. In reports tab Query >> Generic Tab

2. Select table MAddress And Field Default

3. Select True then click on "Add"

4. Check off "Filter" and click Include

Then in Entries >> Address Correction tab check off "Use Report Selection"

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answered Jul 16, 2019 by Admin
selected Aug 4, 2019 by Admin
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Address by itself will not be counted as a duplicate. Please call in to support for help.

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