Is it possible to add in Credit Card charges an optional field "Card ID (CVV2/CID) Number"

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asked Jun 22, 2015 in Tuition and Fundraising by Pinkus
Card Verification Value (CVV) provides an additional level of online fraud protection. The number is located on your credit card and is generally three to four digits long.

since there are some cards that a charge wont go thru only if you enter the card ID number (and we don't want to give users our epay user id and passwords).

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answered Jun 22, 2015 by Admin
For PCI compliance we do not collect the CVV. If you take credit cards thru JLS Solutions there should be no need to collect this info. Even if you would add a field it wouldn't help as we don't sent that info to the bank.
commented Jun 22, 2015 by Pinkus
So the only way to charge a card like this is directly in UsaEpay ?
commented Jun 22, 2015 by Admin
Or switch to JLS Solutions for you CC Processing.
commented Dec 10, 2020 by Pupa Camp
I was told that its eisier to solve a dispute if it was charged with the CVV

Being PCI compliance, would the CVV still make any difference?
commented Dec 10, 2020 by Admin
It would only help in a small percentage of disputes. (These disputes are not usual for a school).
commented Dec 13, 2020 by chaim holtzer
In case you want to use direct UsaEpay, you don't have to give anyone your Login info,

each UsaEpay user can create a customized link to a payment page, to accept payments.

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