Send Mass Text with a simple text (Without internet or smartphone)

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answered Oct 23, 2020 by Admin
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You can now send out a mass text using any phone that has text.

To use it you will need to have your account id and a phonebook id.

For instructions on how to get your account id and to setup a phonebook follow the same steps as this link (

Once you have these two pieces of info you just need to send a text to 866-305-6762 in the following format

AccountID PhoneBookId Message you want to sent out.

So if your account is 5684 and you have a phonebook id of 8954 you need to send the following text to 866-305-6762

5684 8954 This message will be sent right away to all numbers in the 8954 phone book.

You will receive a response how much the campaign cost you.




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