Automatic Credit Card Email Enhancements: Custom Email, Custom Time and use paid SMS

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Added (06/24/2021)

Please note: Your server files must be updated for the features to work. 
Please contact support to have it updated.

We have added a few enhancements to the credit card emails.

To find out more information on what this feature does please see:


We have added 3 new features.

  1. You can setup for each item (CCCharged, CCDeclined, CCWillCharge) what email it should be sent from.
  2. You can setup what time the "CC Will Charge" message should be sent (It was 1:00 AM).
  3. You can also use the paid SMS to send the messages.



Under the administration screen > Rules > CC accounts. 

There are now 2 more columns: 

  1. Send From
  2. Time to send

Send from:

From the send from you can now select any email that is setup under the School Info (Tuition) / Org Info (Fundraising).
If you have paid SMS setup you will also see an option to select the SMS number(s). See here for more information on paid SMS.


  1. If you have an alert setup to sent to an email and you have your default "send from" to an SMS number, it will use the default email.
  2. If the email you have setup was deleted it will fall back to the default email.


Time to send:

This option will ONLY work for SMS, or emails setup with Mailgun or SendGrid. If a time is set for any other email provider (Gmail,Office365 etc.), the time will be ignored and the message will be sent at 1:00 AM. 

All setting that are setup will affect all messages, automatic credit card charges and manual charges. 

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