split pledge between two people

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asked Apr 19 in New Feature Requests by ybirnbaum
Is there a way to split a donation between people. for eample two people that buy an Aliya together.

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answered Apr 19 by Admin
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Added in version later than 4/19/2023 that you can type calculations in the amount column.

so if its 120 for 3 people just type 120/3
commented Apr 19 by YAG
a truly amazing feature!

thank you very much!
commented Apr 19 by Pinkus
This is also great for a group of people giving a Journal page, and everyone pays separately.

great feature.
commented Apr 19 by ybirnbaum
Thank you, it is a great solution. Please make it work in mass pledges too.
commented Apr 20 by Admin
Now (version after 4/20/2023) added for all currency columns thru out the software.
answered Apr 19 by Admin
Sure. You put two pledges, One by each account for the same aliya.
commented Apr 19 by ybirnbaum
But then I need to divide the price in two, i want to be able to put in the amount that it was sold for and the system should split the amount to half and half.

(the same idea you have for a payment with a few checks)
commented Apr 19 by Admin
As you cant have something hot and cold t the same time, you cannot have one charge and its for two different accounts.

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