Pop up recurring CC that will finish next month

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asked Nov 5, 2018 in Support Questions by gittelgluck
We have a lot members that donate their membership fee monthly with a recurring CC.

We would really appreciate if there would be a pop up with all recurring CC that are almost ending.

When I open the program I see "captured" "denied" "expired". Would be great if you can add "recurring finished"




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answered Nov 5, 2018 by Admin
We have no way of defining this. At times a person will have a charge the last three months and nothing for next month but it was each separate charges that he paid and not recurring.

Other times you might have a person that still has monthly charges for something else but he finished a recurring and needs a reminder.

Other recurring is a one time transaction and does not need to renew.

so by looking on the credit card charges itself we have no way of knowing if you need a reminder for this person.

The best way is for the user himself to create a reminder for the date he wants to be reminded in the to do screen when he sets up the recurring.
commented Nov 5, 2018 by gittelgluck
I do understand that currently its impossible to define if the monthly transactions are recurring.

My question is if its possible to add a check box (like you have "approve") so the program should be able to see its intended to be a recurring cc and remind me before it ends.
commented Nov 5, 2018 by Admin
Approve is something on all cards. Nothing with recording. It makes more sense to add a todo, than flag the last of a recurring and keep it on the list, and make a separate method of ignoring to show that its complete ....


All these functions are already available for you in he to do tab.
commented Nov 6, 2018 by Shekel Hakodesh
I have the same problem, my best solution is  i make a query every 1st.

 Query, CC Trans, From 10/1/18-10/31/18 Include, and 11/1/18-11/30/18 Exclude. so automatic it will only come up the ending credit cards and then I can select from the list everyone who is only a one time charge and everyone who I need to call up . So I don’t need to make a flag.
commented Nov 6, 2018 by mering
I have the same problem, My best solution is that i set up for all people that have recurring charges with the end date when it expires so when it comes to the expiration date it pops up

and if it will arrive a day and the balance will be 0 and there will not be for what to charge i will refund it , I wanna rather do a refund then losing payments , But it almost never happens.
commented Nov 6, 2018 by Admin
Why don't you do the simpler solution of creating a to do alert to remind you when you initially setup the card.
commented Nov 7, 2018 by gittelgluck
reshown Nov 7, 2018 by Admin
Thank you. This will work best for me.

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