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We have now launched our own SMS service where you can mass text using a phone number. You will also be able to see each text if and when it has been delivered on our new SMS web portal (

In order to signup you need to contact our sales to purchase a number. We can help you choose a good vanity number for your needs. Once the number is setup you can start texting. All incoming sms to the number you purchased will be delivered to you via EMail.

The service is a pre-paid service where you need to put in the funds before using.

The pricing is as follows.

Annual Fee for the number: $150.00

Per Outgoing or Incoming SMS: $0.03

We will give a 25% discount for anyone signing up before March 31, 2019.


here are some benefits using this feature:

  1. Reliability: messages sent to a gateway are often rejected or delayed by carriers, with this method carriers will let it go thru because they get paid for each SMS.
  2. Delivery Report: You will be able to see who got the text and which numbers do not have text or account is closed.
  3. SMS Web Interface: until today you'd need to login to JLS in order to send a SMS, with the feature above you can upload a phone book similar to the JLS VOICE.
  4. Phone Number: User gets the message from a phone number and not from email address IE

The only minus is that it costs $$$$$$$$$.


commented Feb 28 by ygoldblatt
Amazing! Thank you!

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