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asked May 6 in New Feature Requests by mordechai
edited May 7 by Motti Steinmetz
Please if you can make an option to take a picture of a check and attach it in the program?

commented May 6 by yczehn
What are you trying to scan, Student Pictures, Attachments or checks?

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answered May 24 by Admin
selected Jun 3 by Admin
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Added in fundraising and tuition. By Attachments, Please test.
commented May 26 by mordechai
thanks for to added the options, But I don't have the JL Fundraising?
commented May 26 by Admin
What do you have? For what do you need it? Please call in.
commented May 26 by mordechai
I have only the Tuition program  and I need the options by attachments
commented May 26 by Admin
Please call in.
answered May 6 by mordechai
yes. by attachments but if you can to make also by checks its very good?
commented May 6 by yczehn

You can either click

  • scan it will open your selected scanner (Scan Snap can also work).
  • Save it will open the file browser you can select the file to attach.

Checks also has these two options.

commented May 6 by mordechai
I want to make the pitcher from the program, and not to save before in a file? (the same from the scanner option)   


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