How do I download cir forms per class?

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asked Sep 16 in How To by 136

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answered Sep 16 by yczehn
selected Sep 16 by yczehn
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please call in support they will explain to you how it works
commented Sep 17 by sfelberbaum
I was told to download the medical forms then print forms, it does not prints the CIR form instead it prints the immunization history form. This is not the same as the CIR. This form gives all dated when it was taken and the CIR tells you also if the child is due for a shot, so it's easier for the parent when they see clear it says "DUE NOW".
commented Sep 17 by Admin

In the future just do a search and you can find the answer yourself.

commented Sep 17 by sfelberbaum
this shows me how to print for an individual student (which I do a lot), my question was how to print for an entire class at once
commented Sep 17 by Admin
Also in link

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