I charge a Dinner Fee/Building Fund Fee for my Parents, but I want to include it in my Fundraising Campaign. How do I set it up?

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answered Dec 9, 2015 by Admin
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First go to the campaign setup in administration and add to the campaign the Tuition Item and Period that you want should go in to this campaign. So now when you enter a contract in Tuition for this Item the Campaign will be entered on the charge. If you want the charge should only be visible in the Fundraising App then you need to choose in the contract a Fundraising Company by Charge Company and a Tuition Company by the Student Company Column.

These options are available in a version greater than 12/9/15.


commented Jan 10, 2020 by SK
How do you enter it in with two separate item numbers?
commented Apr 5, 2022 by smgoldberger
Note that if you would like the charge to appear on the contract screen, as well, it can appear on the Yearly History tab by running Split Contract Selected Period on the Mass Entry Screen in Administration specifying the item in question.

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