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answered Feb 5, 2019 by yczehn
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if your company is based on fusion PBX here is a link


You can easily call parents/donors directly from account, very useful for collections etc, 

in order to integrate your phone (provider) needs to support TAPI driver or Click2Call

TAPI is currently available on any phone that supports it,

Click2call is available for and we now added - - Birns Telecommunications / Dynalink Communications.

Go to general Info > Phone, unhide column "Call" and once setup when you click the call button it will dial directly from your phone,

if log call is checked it will prompt you to  type in notes about the conversation, 'Call me back next week' etc,


Fluentstream Integration

we would need your tenant name and your API Key,

Set call login url Should be set with your API Key,

Set call url should be set to, and replace TENANT And EXTENSION.


MyPBXManager Integration

we would need your UserName And Password,

Set call login url Should be set To   _username=USERNAME; _password=PASSWORD; _users=USERNAME; _pages=reset   and replace USERNAME And PASSWORD.

Set call url should be set to, and replace PHONE.




commented Jan 5, 2021 by yczehn
we added support for phone system, if you need help setting it up give us a call, thanks

call Login url = Basic jkhdjklfhsdjklghdfgjksdfhgjksdfhgjksdfhdfgjdflg==

Call url ={"snumber":"NAME", "dnumber":"1%PhoneNum%", "callerids":"YOUROUTGOINGNUMBER","calleridd":"YOUROUTGOINGNUMBER","answer1":"0"}

those in all caps needs to be replaced with your info, name is a numeric value that poiints to your extension

you can change the last parameter to 1 if you want it should auto dial without waiting for you to answer the call

Call url ={"snumber":"NAME", "dnumber":"1%PhoneNum%", "callerids":"YOUROUTGOINGNUMBER","calleridd":"YOUROUTGOINGNUMBER","answer1":"1"}
commented Jan 20, 2021 by yczehn

we added support for phone system, if you need help setting it up, contact teklink for the url and give us a call, thanks

Login URL: Leave blank

call Url:************************************&connect=%PhoneNum%



commented Jan 26, 2021 by Pupa Camp
is this working with ?
commented Jan 26, 2021 by yczehn
are you currently using their service,

if yes contact us and have the login handy,

if not you can have them contact us or you can make a 3 way to see if they offer click2call
commented Aug 17, 2021 by yczehn

now added 


Login Url:

Call URL:


those in ALL-CAPS need to be replaced

commented Aug 24, 2021 by skernkraut
is there a way to set it also in the tuition program (if someone only has tuition installed)?
commented Aug 24, 2021 by yczehn
support should be able to do it for you
commented Nov 22, 2022 by yczehn


Login url = 

Call Url = https://{IP}{CallerID}&src_cid_number=1%PhoneNum%&src={EXT}&dest=1{CallerID}&auto_answer=true&key={KEY}

replace all in {BOLD in Brackets}

commented Jan 31 by BYBZ
Can you add the Click to Call feature from within the Bus Routes, so that when the Receptionists needs to call a parents with an issue and time is of the real essence, they can click to call and select any of the listed numbers on the account?

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